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Batman vs Bane by clinteast Batman vs Bane by clinteast
Ok so now some fan art, Batman versus Bane. As you may have guessed this is a little bit of me being excited about The Dark Knight Rises that's on its way out. However the style of most of the characters (i.e. Batman and the Joker) are based on the Tim Burton Batman films style. Alfred is just done in my own style but probably is most like the animated series style. And I think this is the first time I've ever drawn Bane since 1997 (when Batman and Robin came out) and I drew the movie version back then. So some may be wondering why is the Joker in this? He wasn't in the Knightfall comic arch, he's not going to be in the new Christopher Nolan film, I just put him in because I love the character (and Jack Nicholson's portrayal) so when you kinda think about it, it fits the Joker very well to be randomly in here because it is the definition of chaos... that just how I'm choosing to see it.

I have to admit ever since I saw that Marvel vs DC parody of the teaser trailer everytime I see an image Bane or the movie in general I starting thinking of that chant at the end "Nolan, Nolan, Chris, Chris, Nolan!!!!!" lol [link]
DanaToony Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
hehehe the joker!!
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